Every. Word. Matters.

It's your brand. Your content needs to be perfect.


Fast, affordable, professional editing to make your content shine. Includes feedback on grammar, punctuation, sentence flow, consistency, and clarity.


A dedicated editor for all your content needs, for one predictable monthly price. It’s like having your own professional editor on staff, at a fraction of the cost.

Content Writing

Whether you're launching a new site or need to give your aging copy a facelift, get content with the right mix of information and inspiration.

Guaranteed to be perfect. Period.

The luxury of an in-house copy editor is usually reserved for large corporations. But even if you're a nimble small business or startup, you still have content. And that content needs to be perfect to make the right impression.

rxEdit provides on-call editorial support that's as flexible as your business.

Editing matters

Imagine having an amazing product but presenting it to customers in soiled rags. Who would believe that it’s high quality?

That’s what typos, dangling modifiers, weak word choices, and inconsistencies do to your writing — they distract readers from your message and sink your business's credibility.

It's more than just spelling and grammar

There’s more to editing than ensuring proper spelling and grammar. (Although I check for that, too!)

Need to fit your message into half the words? Worried that your copy is too repetitive? Too vague? Too jargony? I can help.

White papers
Sales presentations
Website copy
Blog posts
Important emails and letters

Have a trusted editor on call for anything that needs a professional pair of eyes.

What my clients are saying

Kelsey takes the time to understand the needs of each project before starting, and always turns in engaging, clean copy ahead of deadline. She’s also extremely flexible.

I have never worked with a more meticulous editor or a more efficient, concise, and clear technical writer than Ms. Rexroat. She adapts effortlessly to any topic, format, or medium.

Kelsey’s editing skills ensured that my team’s copy was refined, clean, and clear. She was willing to answer questions about style, no matter how busy she was.

The extent of the detail in the errata, quality of the end result, and expeditious turnaround far surpassed our expectations. She has been our first choice for editing services.

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