About Me

I'm Kelsey Rexroat, a Bay Area copy editor and the editing force behind rxEdit. I offer fast turnaround times and flexible pricing options that meet your business needs. When I review your content, I'll bring the same keen eye for logic, organization, messaging, and detail that I've brought to clients like Apple, The New Yorker, and Amazon Pay.

Editing isn’t something I stumbled into — it’s always been my passion. Before launching a career that has included over a decade of in-depth copy-editing experience, I graduated summa cum laude with a master's in Professional Writing and Publishing from DePaul University. I also earned a graduate certificate in Medical Editing from Chicago University's highly regarded Graham School. I am fluent in Chicago style, AP style, and AMA style. Not sure which one you should be following? I can make a personalized recommendation!

Before starting my freelance business, I worked for years as a full-time editor on Apple's marketing team, working on website copy seen by tens of millions of people. I also have editing experience across many fields beyond tech, including travel, entertainment, nonprofits, government, science, and medicine.

I know the details of grammar and punctuation inside out, but I won’t run roughshod over your copy with a bunch of subjective demands. I use a measured and thoughtful editorial touch to make sure your message shines, without distractions. You’ll always know the reasoning behind any changes I suggest — and of course, you’ll always have the final word.

About rxEdit

It takes a professional pair of eyes to make sure your content has flawless grammar, punctuation, and usage while staying snappy, engaging, and on target. But most companies can't afford the luxury of an in-house copy editor. Unfortunately, finding a freelance copy editor is typically a laborious process: scouting for someone qualified, hashing out their availability, and then getting mired in back-and-forth exchanges over pay rates, project scope, and turnaround times.

I created rxEdit with the idea that editing is important, and getting eyes on content quickly shouldn't be such a hassle. I've designed every step of the process to be as seamless as possible, from instant quotes to guaranteed turnaround times, with no minimum spend. For an even more tailored and effortless experience, I offer subscription services that are like having an on-call editor on staff — for a fraction of the salary.

Editing that adapts to your industry

A strong editing eye means different things for different business sectors. I offer the flexibility and dependability to meet your needs, including in the following specialties:

  • Tech editing: I can navigate complex technical material and help translate it into clear, easy-to-digest copy for your readers. Years of editing for Apple's website and internal guidelines have honed my eye for technical details and content that promotes a seamless user experience.
  • Medical editing: I ensure accuracy, consistency, and adherence to AMA style, backed by a post-graduate certificate in Medical Editing from the University of Chicago's renowned Graham School.
  • Lifestyle and entertainment: Marketing copy for travel, entertainment, and lifestyle services should be attention-grabbing and snappy. I flag repetitive, watered-down, and distracting language so your message shines for readers.
  • Government and not-for-profit: It takes a professional touch to simplify complex bureaucratic content without glossing over important details. I can help your content find that balance with an eye for approachability and organization.


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